My Heart is in His Hands

God is My Matchmaker

Photo Credit: Meg from Purity of Heart

“The best place for a RELATIONSHIP to start is in the hands of God” – when I read those words I quickly said YES!

Meg’s words captured my belief that God will make a much better matchmaker than I ever could. And I have the track record to prove that my way did not work at all. ROFL

You see, I have tried the other routes (old fashion dating, blind dates, online dating etc) and left God out of the equation in my love life and let’s just say BAD IDEA.

I was using the world’s standards by which I should measure a man. I was looking at temporal characteristic rather than looking for traits that will endure the test of time. I was compromising on values that were once dear to me to rush to my wedding day with anyone who would accept me.

I repeat BAD IDEA! LOL

My method leads to a heartache and loneliness that God never intended for me to experience. I was giving away my worth when all God wanted to do was cherish it. I was living out my love story with the wrong author holding the pen. I needed to let go of the pen and hand it back to God.

I love that during my wilderness years that God never left me. Even when I did things that did not honor Him and broke His heart, He didn’t let go of me. He patiently waited for me to have my aha moment. Now that’s UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

The Holy Spirit kept giving me glimpses of true love that is centered in Christ. I would interact with couples who were authentically in love with each other and were committed to their marriage. They allowed God to remain the center of their relationship. The promise of Ecclesiastes 4:12 (NIV) was alive and active right before my eyes.

12 Though one may be overpowered,
    two can defend themselves.
A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.

You see my friends don’t have perfect marriages but they work at keeping God in focus in all that they do.  They are working on leaving a spiritual legacy with their families. They work at honoring each other with their words and deeds. They make sure they are loving each unconditionally.

There are days when I wake up and thank God for His great wisdom to put up barriers and obstacles so I would not make a vow to “Mr. Better Than Being Alone”. I thank God for giving me the strength and courage to wait for Mr. Wonderful.

I have made a declaration that “My Heart is in His Hands”. <=== Click to Tweet.  I want God to teach me how to love and to bring my earthly love. I hope you too will wait for your God sent mate.  Don’t lose hope or give up on the promise. God’s adventure of love is 1,000 times better.  I PROMISE YOU!

Thank you so much for spending a few moments with me. Before we depart let me cover us in prayer.

Abba Father,

Thank you for all the readers who have come across this post. I pray that the Holy Spirit will speak directly to their hearts. I pray they will find the courage to remain in the waiting room with you. I pray that they will spend time getting to know you. I pray they will learn how to love people unconditionally – which is really hard to do Lord cause our pride wants us to say we have the right to be treated a certain way. And if we are honest with ourselves most of our rights center around us being self centered and not Christ centered. So Heavenly Father, I ask that you give us the strength to love like you do, with all of our heart, soul and mind. I pray we will love with abandonment and trust that your love never fails. Thank you Lord for all that you are teaching us already. We continue to remain faithful to the promise that you will send us our helpmates.

It’s Jesus Name we ask all of these things – AMEN

Until we meet again – BE BLESSED!

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8 thoughts on “My Heart is in His Hands

  1. I really love this post. As I was reading the prayer, I was just screaming YES! because my heart is in agreement! One of my favorite lines: I was living out my love story with the wrong author holding the pen. I needed to let go of the pen and hand it back to God.

    Thank you for sharing about your wilderness experience and reminding us that God’s plan for us is always better than anything we could orchestrate or manipulate on our own. And with God’s plan we will have peace.


    • Crazy to think I haven’t been able to write for months and now the words just seem to flow out. God continues to give me the courage to share my story. And it helps that have really cool friends who love me and cheer me on….even when I’m shaking in my boots. {{HUGS}} back to you my sweet friend!


    • Thanks Sarah 🙂 I am learning that God’s version of my love story is better than I could ever imagine or hope for. Although the waiting can be hard at times – I am often surprised by the love letters of encouragement he sends along the way to help me hang in there.


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