Praying for Him

Pray For Him


I want a husband like that.

Come on Jesus bring me a man who meets that description.


Strange how we often send up the request of what we want in our future spouse. Yet very rarely do we ask God the uncomfortable question, what do I need to put into practice to become a better wife?

CONFESSION -One area of growth for me was definitely my prayer life. 

For years I would pray one time for something or someone and think that would cause a breakthrough. LOL. The spiritual discipline of praying without ceasing was not evident in my life. I was a Post -It-Note Prayer Warrior. My prayer time was one sided and never a conversation with God. Just a wish list of my wants and needs.  And when it came to praying for a husband I had become silent.

As I waited for Mr. Wonderful’s arrival I started to agree with the enemy that God would never bring me a husband because ……”I’m too curvy”, “I’m too old”, “I’m too independent”, I’m too much of a tomboy…oh the list goes on and on of all the lies that I would speak over myself.

My prayers for my future spouse remain in the safe zone to prevent my heart from getting hurt from disappointment. Even a mustard seed of faith seem like a big request with every passing year that I was not being pursued by Mr. Wonderful.  Hopelessness had taken root in my heart.

Thankfully my Heavenly Father would not allow my hopelessness to remain. Just like a gardener pulls out the weeds, God began to pull away the roots of hopelessness in my life. God became my HOPE GIVER.

The Holy Spirit began to whisper in my ear “if you want a man to pray big dreams over you shouldn’t you do the same for him?”  There it was the little nudge that I should be praying for my future husband. My weary heart was still a little leery but I took a baby step of faith and agreed to start praying for Mr. Wonderful.

Then one day I was watching either sports movie or talking to my brother who said “You play the way you practice”

AHA MOMENT – If  I pray shallow prayers now before the vows, what makes me believe that I will be a prayer warrior for my husband afterwards. If I practice with safe prayers then how will I learn to stand in the gap for my man?

God already knew in my heart of hearts I wanted to be a praying wife who covers her husband daily. I want to stand at the front door with my husband in the morning before he leaves and pray over him and his day. I want to kneel at my bed and pray over my family with my husband. Bottom line – I want to be a praying wife who makes declarations over her husband and children’s lives.

I made the decision to get in the game and practice the way I want to play in marriage. I have started to pray for my husband.

Now for the Doubtful Debbie’s out there, I understand how scary that small act of faith can be. I understand how it might seem like a crazy thing to do when you don’t even know who your husband is.  I want to encourage you to take that step of faith. I want you to dream again. I want you to have hope again. To believe in love again.

Will you take that step of faith with me?  Let’s pray for our Mr. Wonderful’s together –

Father God, 

Thank you that you’ve seen every tear I have cried and been with us through every heartache. Thank you Father for promising to heal our hearts and give us the strength to patiently wait on you.  

God we are extremely nervous about embarking on this crazy thing called praying for a husband I can not see. I do not know when he will arrive or when this courtship will begin. Yet God you are asking us to cover him in prayer daily. YIKES!

God give me the courage to pray for him like I will when we are married. Give me the courage to pray for him like I have daily conversations with him. Holy Spirit give me the scriptures I need to pray over my Mr. Wonderful. 

God give me the strength to wait for Mr. Wonderful. God continue to embed scriptures in my heart so I will not fall for a counterfeit but I will recognize the real Mr. Wonderful because he will be a reflection of Christ.  

God please encourage my Mr. Wonderful to practice praying for me as well. God I pray together we will leave a spiritual legacy that will impact future generations. God continue to teach me how to pray and intercede for my Mr. Wonderful until the day he arrives and I can begin to pray more specific prayers. 

Until Mr. Wonderful and I meet, please help us knit our heart together. We ask all of this in Jesus name – AMEN

Thank you so much for stopping by and taking a moment pray and dream again with God. YOU ARE ONE BRAVE SISTER! Proud of you!


2 thoughts on “Praying for Him

  1. I love the idea of praying fierce prayers from day one – not just waiting until after the wedding. I also feel like I need you and your brother’s advice to help me LOL. Sounds like a lot of wisdom there!!


    • Praying fierce prayers before the wedding seem odd at first but I’m becoming a stronger prayer warrior now that I pray daily for Mr. Wonderful. Each prayer pours more hope on the dream of our future marriage. Keep praying for your Mr. Wonderful and watch him move on your behalf.


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