2017 Prayer Journal


One day while I was sitting with Jesus ( i.e.my quiet time) a thought popped in my mind. You should write daily prayers for 2017.

Ummmmm Jesus, you sure you have the right girl?

I have friends who dream of being an amazing writer. But that’s not me….are you sure want me to do that? Your daughter Delonna, not someone else  (Yes, I still have lots of Moses moments – LOL)

For almost a month I have been wrestling with the idea and decided I would take the leap of faith. I feel like this is one of  my adventures for 2017.

My hope is the right person will discover the prayer at just the right time. My prayer is for a new wave of God’s love to fill this earth. With all of the dreary news in the world, I pray the written prayers will be a source of hope for whoever reads it.

Here is the REALLY COOL part about this experiment. If you are reading this post and you do not know me directly (i.e. family, friend, co-worker, from college or high school), then know God just sent you a LOVE LETTER directly to your heart. He wanted to reach so desperately that he sent a love letter to you via a person who does not know your name but knows the one who is pursuing your heart.


I know in a world where you can read that at NFL game, it might seem like a rather casual statement. But the truth of the matter is – GOD LOVES YOU TONS!

And one of the best ways to learn more about that love is through prayer. So I hope you will find yourself at this site often discovering about his marvelous love.  

I hope you will come back again but if this only chance we will ever meet – please let send up a prayer of blessing over you

Heavenly Father –

Thank you for every person who is reading this prayer. Thank you that you placed them on my heart. Lord I love that you love us so much that you will use unique ways to capture our hearts. Lord I pray that today will be a new beginning for those reading this prayer. I ask Lord that you will restore hope to their hearts. I pray they will lean in closer to you so that they can hear you whisper what the next step will be. I pray for those who are being asked to be still, that they will continue to have faith in you and your promise to them. Lord I pray they will fall madly in love with you and will continue to seek your face. Lord we pray 2017 will be a year of hope filled moments. We ask all of this in the name of Jesus – AMEN





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