Cancer Sucks Lord


Abba Father,

I just learned of another friend being diagnosis with cancer. This is the third time she is fighting cancer Lord and I have to be honest that WHY question keeps circling my head. She dreams of a family and being a mother yet now has to put the adoption process on hold once again. Lord as someone who yearns to be a mama my heart is breaking for her dream being deferred once again.

Lord she is trying to keep hope alive but you can see the fear in her eyes and helplessness in her voice. Lord I come before you right now and ask that you be with my friend. I pray you will send her your peace Lord. I pray for her husband, family and friends who do not know what to say. Lord I pray all of us will continue to love on her through this next journey. Lord HEAL HER and rid her of cancer once and for all.

Lord I also want to pray for a group of us who just put to rest a dear friend who lost the battle with cancer. Lord she was so young and many of her friends and family members are furious with you for bringing her home too soon. Lord I know you are sovereign and there is a reason for everything. I just want to go on record saying CANCER SUCKS LORD and I hate seeing so many of my friends battling it.

Lord please send more of your peace into the lives of those who are facing cancer. Lord I pray for more wisdom to be given to the doctors treating patients with cancer. I pray for the families who are watching their love ones battle another round of chemo or radiation treatment. I pray for an increase in remission rates and complete healing Lord. Lord may you be our comforter through this process.

We boldly ask all of this in the name of Jesus.  AMEN


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