Heavenly Father,

Rest. A beautiful four letter word that has been a curse word to some. “I’ll rest when I die” – ummmm yeah, that’s called permanent rest. We are missing out on slowing down from our over scheduled, super stressed, unending to do list type of lifestyle. We have lost the art of enjoying being present in the here and now.

In Genesis 2:2 it says:

On the seventh day God had finished his work of creation, so he rested from all his work

Lord thank you for being an example of having work life balance. Thank you for reminding us all that it is okay to just rest and not work 24/7.  Rest is the perfect cure for being burnout, stressed, and discontentment.

Lord I pray for those who are struggling with fully embracing the hidden treasures of rest. Lord I pray you will help them to redefine what rest is. Lord I rest when I am crafting or watching a really good movie. Other rest by getting lost in the pages of a good, hiking up a mountain to see the sunset or sharing a good meal with friends. And Lord who doesn’t love a good Sunday nap. No matter what resting looks like in a persons life, I pray right now that there will be an increase in resting Lord. I pray for restorative sleep.  I pray there will be more joy found in resting than striving. Lord I pray for those who struggle with being a workaholic that you will learn that it’s okay to slow down. Lord I pray they will learn that there true identity comes from you and not their job. Lord help us all to learn how to rest and slow down to enjoy life.

I ask all of this in Jesus name – AMEN



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