Say I Love You Often


Heavenly Father,

Another random act of violence has happen where several people loss their lives. Lord please be with the families of the victims. Over the last month we have seen mass killings orchestrated by hurting people. The mere acts often reminds me that I can’t assume that I will have another tomorrow. Lord I pray we will be sure to say I love you more often. No longer will be a people who will take for granted that we will see or speak to that person again. Lord I pray we will spend time with loved ones and let them know how much they mean to us.  Lord I pray we will utter the words I LOVE YOU often. Love I pray there will be an increase in loving one another.  Rather we say I love you before hanging up on a call, send a I LOVE YOU text, writing love letters to family and friends, or saying I love you in an loving embrace, Lord I pray we will say I LOVE YOU more often.  Sending up this prayer and petition in the name of Jesus – AMEN


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