Mean Girls Stop Judging Me


Heavenly Father,

Some days it is hard to keep my tongue in check when faced with a mean girl. Lord that mean girl has been tracking me from the moment I arrived to Starbucks. Grant it I’m in affluent part of town so my caramel skin and dreadlocks often draws attention. I try to ignore her all the stares but she just gave me disapproving look as my second Starbucks pastry was called out. Lord give me strength to show love when I want say something sarcastic.

At first Lord I wanted to explain to her that I take care of 3 month old twins and 2.5 year old so extend me some grace, I’ve had a really long day. I wanted to say I have so much puke on my clothes I feel like extremely gross. I wanted to say to her, I’ve been eating like a toddler (small bites) here and there so this is my first real meal hence the two bags. And most importantly I wanted her to know this is first cup of coffee today so please give me a break.

Lord so I pray for all the mean girls in the DC area who feel it is their right to make judgments without knowing the backstory of the person. Lord I pray for those who feel only certain people can live and shop in their neighborhood. Lord I pray these mean girls will learn how their rudeness and unkind words only add to the hate quota in this world.  Lord you have called us to love our neighbors so I ask that you continue to show how to love a mean girl best. Lord I’m thankful she did not steal my joy. Lord I am thankful that I know now my true identity is in you. I am the daughter to the Most High God who loves me and sees me. Nothing a mean girl can say or do can change that fact.

I pray all of this in the name of Jesus  – AMEN


4 thoughts on “Mean Girls Stop Judging Me

  1. I’m sorry for your experience. I’ve been there!! There was this particular lady who kept tracking me. I noticed, but ignored her for a while. Finally one day she said something to another customer and it was very offensive. I was not as patient as you. I responded and it was an ugly exchange…one i’m not proud of. I’m glad that you took the high road. It was best, trust me! It is unfortunate that people make judgments about others for no reason at all except that they are bitter or unhappy. Again I’m sorry for your experience and know that you are not alone. Have a blessed day, friend!

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  2. See, I would have been so tempted to order a dozen just to mess with her mind! lol Glad you were able to pray for her. It’s so easy to think of others as the enemy when often they are just broken and the judging is a way to make themselves feel better. I’m sorry for your experience, but I think that other woman is the one to be pitied. ((hugs)))

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