Sing a New Song


Abba Father,

Lord you and I know I do not profess to be musically inclined. I love praise and worship music because the song often speaks to what is aching my heart.  Yet there is one day that will forever be etched in my heart. You made a songwriter. The miracle of birthing a new song – I had not a clue how amazing it could feel. I can still remember being lost in worship, the band was playing an interlude between songs and the worship leader sang “We Run to You” as he encouraged us to run back to you Lord. Then it happen the Holy Spirit gave me additional words to sing. I sat down immediately and recorded them in my journal- here is what I wrote:

We run to you 

with an abandoned heart

We run to you 

with a broken heart

We run to you 

with a cheerful heart

We run to you 

We long to be in your presence

Seeking your face, hearing your voice 

Learning your word, knowing you voice 

We run to you 

For we want more of you 

And less of us

We run to you 


Thank you for giving me the words to create a new song. It is says in Psalm 33:2-3

Give thanks to the Lord with the lyre;

make melody to him with the harp of ten strings

Sing to him a new song

play skillfully on the strings, with loud shouts

Lord I pray we will seek to create new songs of praise. Lord I pray we will honor you in song. Lord I will confess when the worship leader says let’s just take a few moments to lift up a praise in our own words I always start praying because I have not a clue how to be a songwriter. Yet on this special day, not only did you teach me that I can write a new song but you taught me I’m partnering with the Holy Spirit when I write. It feels like you are accepting a dance with the Holy Spirit and he leads you rhythmically across the dance floor.  So thank you for teaching us how to write NEW SONGS of praise. Lord I pray you will help others who are nervous like me to walk in the freedom you have promised us the ability to create a new song. I ask all of this in Jesus name – AMEN


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