Thy Will Be Done


Heavenly Father,

Thy will be done – are the hardest four words to utter at times.  Crushed in spirit I find myself crying at the foot of the cross again asking what good could come from all of this heartache. I keep moving forward because of a promise of a breakthrough. But Lord I feel like my world is unraveling. Lord I am losing hope in the promise.  Not in you but the promise.  Lord I wonder if I can hear your voice at all. Not my will but yours be done Lord. Today has been one of those moments. 

Lord I want to mature as a Christian. I want to live from faith to faith, glory to glory, strength to strength and yet some of the lessons of refinement make me wonder when the “good” will start. I’ve become battle weary Lord.  Lord I wish I could stand here and say a path to my Promise Land is a straight road. However  this journey has taught me there are more twist and turns and detours than expected. When feeling overwhelmed I find myself on my knees crying out to you “Thy Will Be Done”. Those 4 words help me take my eyes off the circumstance and place them back on you.

God it says in Luke 22:42 that Jesus

“Father, if you are willing, please take this cup of suffering away from me. Yet I want your will to be done, not mine.”

Lord I don’t always appreciate the suffering but I do know that there is a purpose in it all. Lord once again I take another step towards promise that is in need of a miracle. Lord I trust you and seek for your will to be done. I ask all this in Jesus name – AMEN



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