Unexpected New Beginnings


Heavenly Father,

Lord I want to lift up all the people who recently lost their job due to 17 federally funded programs being eliminated by executive order. Unemployment impacts you not only financially but emotionally. Lord so many of us link our job titles and position to our self worth. So when your job is terminated unexpectedly Lord it makes you question who you are and how did you find yourself in that moment.

Lord when my position was eliminated it was devastating. Lord as someone who prides herself on being loyal to a company I couldn’t understand how a company could so casually eliminate my job like it was no big deal. Lord it felt like I had become disposable in that moment.  Lord her face was filled with smiles and there seem to be no remorse on the fact that she just informed me that I lost my job. Oh I was encouraged to apply for the new positions.  Lord then she hit me with the upper cut punch, she wanted to make it clear that there was no guarantee that I would get a new position. Those words broke my trust in her and the organization.

Lord I come before you right now and pray for those who found themselves in an unexpected new beginning. Lord I pray they will remember that their true identity comes from you and not their job. Lord I pray they will take a moment to exam what they want to do long term. Lord I pray for the fear that may be flooding their mind that you will send your peace and hope.

Lord I pray you will be with each family at this time as their world will have to adjust to a loss of income. Lord I pray you will send unexpected blessings financially. Lord I pray they will not personalize the job cuts. Lord I pray for their hearts will not become bitter and withdrawn. Lord I pray they will lean in and talk with you throughout the process. Lord I pray you will remind them that you will never leave them or forsake them. Lord I pray you will provide new jobs for each person. Lord I pray you hear our cries for help. I ask all of this in the name of Jesus – AMEN.


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