Lord thank you for the pause button in my life where I can RELAX, RELATE, RELEASE. Lord the past two weeks have been overwhelming. The news was so heavy on my mind that it felt like my soul was grieving. Lord I wrestle with knowing what to do next. Lord I can’t be silent anymore so where I can help and make the biggest impact using my voice. Lord my soul feels weary and my heart is heavy with concern. In my thirteen years living in the District of Columbia has there been this much tension. Even after 9/11 we came together as Americans and supported each other. This is new territory has me exhausted and battle weary.

Lord thank you for the gift of the pause button. Lord thank you when taking a pause I can regain clarity and wisdom from your Word. Lord thank you for the promise that you will never leave me or forsake me during this time of resistance. Lord I pray for others who are experiencing the same type of fatigue. Lord give us rejuvenating sleep. Lord give us unexpected moments of rest in our day. Lord I ask that you move in a mighty mighty way for your battle weary children. I ask all this in the name of Jesus – AMEN.


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