The Pursuit


Abba Father,

Lord I believe a man of God will pursue his wife. Lord but can we be frank with each other – there are way too many of your daughters who are still single.  Lord at times it seems like our marriage GPS keeps rerouting us to another detour or delay. Lord I know your timing is always perfect – so I ask that you send encouragement to your ladies in waiting.

Lord I get concern when I listen to my friends who are giving up on marriage. Lord they feel like you will never answer that prayer request because it’s not their fate to be a wife. Lord as a girl who battled with that lie for so long I want to yell “THAT’S NOT TRUE!” Lord I pray you will confirm to them that her husband will pursue her. Lord I pray you will send her words of encouragement that she is worthy of love. Lord I pray you hush the lies spoken over that she is destined to be a spinster. Lord I pray you will continue to draw closer to her and let her know that you see her hearts desire.

Lord I pray for the women who believed you had let them in on a little secret and told them who their husband’s identity. Lord I thank you for those ladies who took sign and began to pray for her future husband. Lord I thank you for her willingness to speak life over him and pray blessings over him. Lord for the ladies who see the man pursue her it is such a powerful love story. Lord I thank you for the love stories I have gotten to be a witness to. It is such a beautiful true love story.

Lord I pray for the heartbroken daughter who is rejected by the guy. Lord I pray you stop the lies consuming her mind that she can’t hear your voice at all. Lord can you pursue that daughter in such a way that she doesn’t lose hope in her dream to find her helpmate. Lord your word says you will place the lonely in families so  I ask that you will move in a mighty way on the behalf of your single daughters. I ask all of this in Jesus name -AMEN


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