Please Unfollow Me


Heavenly Father,

Lord I want the record to show I was minding my own business this morning. LOL. I was doing my morning rituals and checking all my social media accounts and noticed a heartwarming story. It made me proud to be an American at that moment so I shared it. Folks were showing kindness and standing up to racial slur wrote on the Subway. They took it upon themselves to remove the graffiti.  After I forwarded the exciting news to my Facebook friends and withing minutes a hateful comment notification came across phone screen.

Lord up to this point I have been rather quiet to her comments. Trying to take the high road. But Lord something snapped in me and I couldn’t take it anymore.  She wrote – ” Trump is actually standing up for Israel and is friending them, instead of betraying them like we have seen. I don’t see anything that says it is Trump’s people, my guess is it is a Muslim since they HATE Jews. Stop spreading HATE by indicating that every anti-semitic act is that of a Trump supporter. The hate and intolerance isn’t on our side, I can tell you that and I am not going to stand for this propaganda.” 

 LORD ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Lord I will not allow her to hurt my friends with her hate. I  can’t stand by and allow her to say such mean things about the folks I care about. Lord I know we talk about turning the other cheek and not engaging in foolishness but when you come for the people I love then I can’t be silent. I am proud to be friends and in community with Jews, Muslims, LGBTQ, refugees and immigrants. So when I see others defending the people I love then I will celebrate their efforts. I will not sit back and remain quiet to allow hatred to advance.

Lord I know it is rather rude to ask someone to unfollow your news feed but it was the only recourse I could think of without belittling the person. We have been friends for almost two decades yet her new level of hateful words does leave me speechless. Lord I’m struggling with her sentiment that President Trump is a victim to media propaganda and that everyone else is the haters of the world.

Lord I pray you will open up her eyes and ears to see and hear the heartbeat of you. Lord I pray she will stop forwarding hate and will learn to listen to the people from the other side. Lord I pray that she will come to understand that you love the very person she hates. Lord I pray that you will increase her circle to come in contact with the marginalized folks. May she learn their stories of who they are and who you created them to be. Lord may she become a woman of peace and not hate. Lord also give me wisdom on how to handle this type of conflict without suggesting you unfollow me. We can’t grow as people if we keep avoiding each other. We all need to be at the table. I ask that you continue to give me insight on who to walk out loving our neighbors well. I ask all of this in the name of Jesus-AMEN


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