Lord please forgive me for becoming a Benchwarmer Christian. I have allowed my own personal comforts keep me from serving you well. Lord I have become the queen of the ONE DAY. It’s like I gave myself permission to be in a proverbial waiting season. Lord I moved to DC almost 13 years ago with the hopes to get into politics to be an advocate for foster and adoptive children. 

Yet my voice started to say things like I will become a foster parent – ONE DAY. I will run for Congress – ONE DAY. I will establish my family homes to help foster youth and those aging out of the system ONE DAY. I even added a clause that after I get married so I can have the support of my husband. I know, I know Lord -helping foster children doesn’t require a husband. I just wanted to go into battle with someone. I didn’t want to be a single parent. So as you can see my ONE DAY has stopped from making an impact now. 

Lord forgive me for not answering the call when you were asking me to take a step of faith. Lord please forgive me for using “I’m waiting on God’s perfect timing” as an excuse not to act. Lord forgive me for shrinking back and not being the fierce voice of advocacy you’ve called me to be. Lord thank you for the wake up call today. Lord I choose to follow you no matter the cost. Lord I’m taking myself off the bench of comfort and getting into the game of activism. Lord I pray you will guide me to the issues where I can use my voice best. Lord I pray for the children you’ve called me to speak life over and I ignored the call. Lord I pray that you will bless each child and if our paths can still I ask that you make a way. Lord I thank you advance for your forgiveness and gift of courage. I lift up all these petitions in the name of Jesus- AMEN


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