Our Stories


Heavenly Father,

Lord thank you for making the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum lecture series Memory Transferred cross my path. Lord I have so much to unpack in my mind right now but I am certain that this evening was a divine appointment.  I needed to learn from those who experienced the ramifications of bigotry, hatred and racism from a different lens. Lord I needed to hear those words spoken by Erika Dreifus, Rachel Hale, Jade Hidle, Suzane Reisman, Meline Toumani  and Sarah Wildman. Lord thank you for the reminder that we need listen to the stories of Holocaust survivors, war refugees, and asylum refugees and take action against hatred in our country.

Lord your heart for the refugees is so strong. You love them with the same unfailing love you love me with. You pursue their heart just like you pursued mines. You’ve stood by the refugee and want to bring about healing.  Lord thank you for healing power of the spoken word. Lord thank you for creating platforms for folks to tell their story. Lord I ask that you bless the families who spoke tonight. Lord continue to make them bold and courageous as they speak out against injustice. May we continue to learn from their examples of wanting to be a voice for the voiceless. Lord I thank you again for such a thought provoking evening. Lord please continue to make me a wise advocate who reflects the heart of you. I ask all of this in Jesus name – AMEN



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