Praying Circle


Heavenly Father,

Lord tomorrow is her wedding day. YAY! Soon she will be married and will begin a new journey but tonight we have committed to circling her in prayer. Lord we thank you for making their paths cross. Lord their love story is incredible for you have been the author of their love story. Lord thank you for honoring your lady in waiting by giving her hand in the marriage to her soulmate. Lord we pray you will knit their hearts together. Lord we pray you will help them to remember the vows they say to each other on the good days, bad days, and the very painful days. Lord we believe that with YOU as the anchor their marriage will weather any storm.

Lord may you continue to be the foundation by which build their home together.  Lord we pray they will find time to read your scriptures and pray together. May they continue to learn how to edify and support each other. Lord we pray they will not go to sleep angry but they will learn how to resolve conflict without holding a grudge. Lord we pray on those intense days, they will both spend time seeking your wisdom and asking the Holy Spirit to give them ears to hear.  Lord we pray they will leave a spiritual legacy for their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Lord we pray they will speak life over each other. Lord we pray they will honor each other with their words and deeds. Lord we are honored to be present for the wedding and circling them in prayer. We ask all of this in the name of Jesus – AMEN


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