Abba Father,

Her heart filled with joy as she read the word pregnant on the multiple test she took. He was already dreaming of future Sunday’s where he would teach his child  how to be a football fanatic. Yet when the pain came and she started to bleed she knew it was another miscarriage. Lord please be with her and her husband as they mourn another loss. Lord I pray you will walk with them through the grieving process as they wrestle with the question why can’t we get pregnant. Lord infertility causes such deep wounds, I ask that you send your healing presence to my friends. Lord I pray you will raise up a strong community around them to just love on them. Lord I pray you will help my friends to walk through the anger they have towards  you right now. Lord I pray you will strengthen their marriage as they walk through this tough season yet again. Restore their joy and fill their hearts with hope.

Lord I also want to lift up my other friends who battling infertility too. Lord they are losing hope. Each miscarriage or failed IVF makes me them question your will for their lives. They wonder if their dream of becoming a parent will ever come true. Lord it’s hard for them to hear of other couples getting pregnant so quickly and with what seems to be with such ease. Lord they have been trying for several years and still no child.  Lord I know adoption is a possibility but in their hearts they were dreaming of a child she could give birth to.

Lord in your word, you have blessed barren women with children and I ask that you bless them. Lord I pray you open up her womb and make it fertile Lord. I pray you will you bless them with a child. Lord I pray you perform medical miracles and realign their bodies so they can carry a child to term. Lord bless them all with a child. Lord I boldly ask that this be the year that they become pregnant and carry the child full term. Lord I pray you send them encouragement and hope. Lord I lift up my petition in the name of Jesus – AMEN




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