Tender Moments


Heavenly Father,

It was such a tender moment to see. A dear friend holding her mother who has Alzheimer’s. Her mother has always had such a peaceful face with a radiant smile. Growing up she welcomed me into their home and served me such amazing food.  Love abounds is the best way to describe their home. Her abounding love is still pouring out of her as her mind begins to lose memories.

Lord I pray for her children and grandchildren who are painfully watching her slip away. Lord I pray they will always greet her with a smile like she always gives us. Lord I pray for an increase of tender moments with her. Lord I pray you will give them the courage to keep visiting even if it means she can’t remember their name or who they are. Lord I pray you will appoint a historian who will record down her story for their children and future generations.  Lord I pray for more time with her. Lord I pray for laughter and more joy. Lord I pray you will be the comforter for the family on the hard days.  Lord I pray you will continue to send her angels in her room and fill her heart with your love. Lord I pray you will hold my friend as she watches her mother struggle to remember things. Lord continue to wipe away her tears and fill her heart with hope. Lord I pray you will bless her and her family.

Lord I pray for husband who is watching the love of his life slowly walk away from him. Lord I am sure he would move heaven and earth to bring her back to him. Lord I pray you will comfort him as well. Lord I pray you flood his mind with their love story. Lord I pray there will be increase of joy and less sadness. Lord I pray you will become his best friend and that he will talk to you on the good, the bad and the ugly days. Lord I pray your loving arms would embrace him at night as he cries himself to sleep. Lord remind him that you will never leave him or forsake him. Lord I pray the Holy Spirit will hover over his home. Overflow his heart with your love Lord.

I lift up their family Lord and ask you to move in a mighty way. Lord bless their family and continue to go before them on this journey. I ask all of this in the name of Jesus –  AMEN


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