Hello! My name is Delonna Gibbs. I am single woman who is in her 40’s and sometimes this waiting for Mr. Wonderful is exhausting. I can understand why Sarah sent Hagar to Abraham – my let’s make it happen self, understands why the waiting became to much and Sarah’s desire to speed things along. Yet that decision came at cost that I pray we can and will avoid in the waiting. It’s my prayer that we will fall madly in love with Jesus and become intimately familiar with our first love before our earthly love ever shows up.

Marveled By His Love was created to provide a safe place for single women to talk about what it feels like to wait for Mr. Wonderful to enter their lives. Rather you have never been married or now divorced, our single status can be painful at times. It can cause us to doubt our worth and wonder if God sees us at all.

I am hoping that this space will be a place that we remind each other that God is madly in love with us and wants to send us a mate who will be an awesome mate. It is my prayer that in this stage of waiting that you remain hopeful and tons of faith in God’s promise to you.


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