Political FOMO

Abba Father,

Lord I am convinced I have Political FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) and it is exhausting because of the information OVERLOAD. Lord I find myself addicted to the news reporting sites notifications on my phone. I am always in this hyper alert mode. Lord it’s like playing the staring game with our government to see who will blink first. LOL. Lord highlight scriptures and promises that will help our government to honor ALL American people not just Christians. Lord give me wisdom on how to best pray for our government.

Lord I have not a clue how to pray often for the lies keep piling up. Lord I pray for our government to seek wisdom but I wonder if I should be praying for another characteristic to be exhibited. Lord teach me how to pray for not just our leaders but those work for the leaders. Lord with the wildfires being started in so many directions, Lord teach us to recognize where our prayers need to stay focused. Lord thank you for power of prayer. Lord guide us on how to pray for change. Lord I lift up all these petitions in the name of Jesus – AMEN


Collective Light


Heavenly Father,

Lord I pray we will continue to hold our lights up high so we can expose what is being done in the dark in our government. Lord I pray our collective light will be even brighter. Lord I pray you will prompt us when we must ban together to fight against unconstitutional matters. Lord I pray you will give us the strength and courage to remain in the fight. Lord I pray we will be able to maintain our allies and continue to be a positive influence globally despite our leaders rhetoric. Lord I pray we will get to the bottom of the ordeal surrounding Russia and their involvement in our government. Lord I pray we will be able to halt the lie of FAKE NEWS and continue to shine a light on the truth.

Lord it is the unity of folks coming together that seems to be the driving force. Lord thank you for the journalist who keep saying – that doesn’t sound right, let’s dig a little deeper. Lord thank you for the folks who are showing up to town hall meetings and expressing their concerns. Lord thank you for the people who are fighting for us to maintain our democracy and not allow it to become a tyranny.

Lord I am grateful for the alarming interview of Mr. Miller and his bigotry in full swing – now I know how to pray against the hate. Lord I am grateful that Mr. Flynn resigned and there is an investigation with his involvement with Russia. Lord I pray you will appoint the right judge to review the case of treason. Lord I am grateful for Mr. Puzder requesting for his nomination to be withdrawn. Lord I pray those positions will be filled with people who have integrity and seek to represent the American people well.

Lord I lift all of this up in the name of Jesus – AMEN