Seek Wisdom


Heavenly Father,

It says in Proverbs 15:2 (MSG) “Knowledge flows like spring water form the wise; fools are leaky faucets, dripping nonsense.”  Lord I seek your wisdom and guidance on how to thrive in a society where a government says my black life doesn’t matter and my voice as a woman should be silent. Lord I pray you will send me a few older and wiser spiritual woman mentors. Lord I need someone who has survived a hateful period in history and were still able to hold onto their joy. Lord it feels like the leaky faucets are making a louder noise than the voice of the wise.  Lord guide us through this time of uncertainty.

Lord I have not a clue how to fight back or speak life into this type of oppression of so many marginalized groups. Lord I don’t know how to pray about the increase of hate crimes in our nation. Lord white men who hate people for their skin color and religion are feeling justified in their killing or attacking minorities. Lord their actions are sending out a spirit of fear which is not of you at all. Lord it says in your word that love is the answer yet how do we build trust with our neighbors when they are fearing for their life. Lord how do we both walk in courage and hope? Lord I have not a clue how to do this so I seeking your wisdom in Jesus name – AMEN


Carry Me


Abba Father,

Lord one of my little buddies loves to say “pick me up” so she can have better viewpoint. She wants to see things from my height and to be held in the process. Lord I can totally relate with my little buddy right now. Lord I am seeking to know what I should do next. Lord I would love to see the aerial view of this situation. Lord I would love to my 5 year plan from your perspective. Lord I realize you are step by step God so it won’t necessarily happen like that but I thought I would ask. LOL.

Lord I pray for folks like me who are in a season where they need to be picked up and carried to their new destination. Lord I pray you give them  an aerial view that puts the concern into perspective. Lord I pray you will send us a peace of mind. Lord I pray we will continue to rely on you. Lord I pray we will be still and know that you are God.  Lord I pray we will seek your wisdom in the bible.  Lord I pray we will trust your loving arms to hold us. I ask all of this in Jesus name – AMEN

Treated Like a Queen


Heavenly Father,

Thank you for the unexpected gesture of kindness from someone who cares for me more than I knew. In that moment I was treated like a Queen.  Lord I ask that you bless him and move in his life. Lord I pray he will receive an unexpected blessing as well. Lord it took my breath away. I had not a clue what to say or what to do. All I could do was say THANK YOU.

Lord when you send me gifts they are so extravagant I get lost in the moment. I was shocked, stunned and felt loved. It came when I was feeling low and with a lot on my mind. But the gift reminded me how much you love me and send me love letters in such unique ways. Lord I can’t say it enough – THANK YOU!  Lord I ask that you bless him and his business. Lord I pray you will send an outpouring of your love. Lord I pray he will continue to be used by you to be blessing to others.  I ask all of this in Jesus name – AMEN

Be a Life Vest


Abba Father,

Lord please bless all the encouragers today. Lord I pray you bless the person who loves to send notes. Lord I pray you bless the person who likes to give creative gifts to brighten someones day. Lord I pray for the person who sends a prayer to remind a person that they are never alone and that you are always with them. Lord I pray for the person who sees a sad friend or co-worker and ask if she can give them a hug or pray for them. Lord I pray for the person who prays blessings over someone who keeps coming to their mind. Lord all these folks are on an adventure with the Holy Spirit to spread your love. Lord may you continue to bless those doing kingdom work.

Lord please give your encouragers strength to continue to make a difference in a hurting word. Lord show them how their words of encouragement often feels like a life vest covering our hearts and lifting us up out of a funk. Lord send them confirmation that their words matter to the people who receive them. Lord rather it’s a thank you note, text message or phone call can you send encouragement to them so they keep showering their family, friends, neighborhoods, our nation and our world with love. Lord I thank you for the warriors who seek to speak life over people.  Lord continue to bless them.  I ask all of this in Jesus name – AMEN

Can We Talk?


Heavenly Father,

Lord I love my friends especially the ones who are brave enough to have those hard conversations with me. Lord I recognized I’m a strong willed daughter who has to feel like she has a choice in the matter. Lord I recognize that out of spite I sometimes will do the opposite of what I should do to prove a point. Lord I realize my pride can sometimes come before wisdom. So Lord when my friends started to approach me about my recent life decision I was flattered by the gentleness they used to help me out of my comfort zone.  Lord it was like when you break up with the wrong guy and your girlfriends finally take a deep breath and say I knew he wasn’t the one for you.  LOL.  Lord thank you for their boldness and willingness to speak the truth over me.

Lord thank you for sending me friends who want to see me grow and not stay in my comfort zone. Thank you Lord for the friends who have been sending verses and Ted-Talks, and words of encouragement. Each message felt like a love letter from you. All the messages had the same theme, I’ve created you for more than what you are currently doing. I love that you love me that much God that you send me messages from unexpected routes. Lord please bless each person who prayed over my circumstance and gave words of wisdom. Lord continue to use them in mighty ways for they are truly in sync with the Holy Spirit. Lord I pray you will continue to move mountains in their lives. Lord send them special love letters that remind them how much you love them. Lord I am truly blessed beyond measure and thank you for the amazing prayer warriors in my life. I ask all of this in Jesus name – AMEN

Warning Sign Ahead


Heavenly Father,

Lord thank you for the warning sign ahead to let me know my life is about to take another detour. This journey is definitely keeping me on my toes for sure. I didn’t realize how much I like security and staying grounded.  Lord it is my secret need to be grounded (comfort zone) when you are asking me to fly that is scary. Lord  I know you are walking each step of this journey with me.

Lord for over a year, the verse that has been my rock is BE STILL and know I am God. Lord the verse became my assurance that you would work out the details if I just took another faith. Lord when a road closes you are rerouted to another unfamiliar route. Lord I have not a clue what to do next.  Lord I thank you for the 90 days heads up though. Lord I need your wisdom and guidance. Lord I thank you for your peace and your love. Lord thanks again for the warning sign. Lord I pray all these things in Jesus name – AMEN

Step of Faith


Heavenly Father,

Stepping out of her comfort zone – WHAT A HUGE STEP OF FAITH! Lord I just want to lift up my courageous friend who is being bold and courageous like Joshua. Lord she is standing the gap for folks, conquering her fears and seeing you move in a mighty way. Lord I pray you will continue to WOW her on this adventure. Lord I pray you will send her sweet love letters that remind her of your extravagant love her. Lord I pray the Holy Spirit will speak through her as she encounters divine appointments. Lord  I pray you will give her restorative rest at night. Lord I thank you for the privilege of praying her through this adventure. Lord continue to provide a hedge of protection all around her. Lord continue to speak clearly to her during her quiet time. Lord continue to bring praise and worship songs to her mind throughout the day. Lord keep reminding her that you will never leave her or forsake her as she goes into uncharted territory. Lord continue to move in a mighty mighty way. I ask all of this in Jesus name – AMEN.