Prayers for Temple De Hirsch Sinai



I recently heard of the hate crime of vandalism to Temple De Hirsch Sinai in Seattle, WA. The graffiti says “Holocaust is Fake History”. Adonai I pray for the Jewish community in Seattle, Washington right now. Adonai I pray you will guide Rabbi Daniel Weiner on how to encourage his synagogue after experiencing such hate. Adonai I pray for a hedge of protection over him and his family. Holy Spirit I pray you will hover over the synagogue and restore your peace in the hearts of the community. Adonai I pray the synagogue will inhabit your praise and lament prayers. Adonai I pray they will remember that you will never leave them or forsake them.  Adonai give them the strength to forgive and walk into their healing. Adonai – may their hearts be filled with love, joy, peace, hope and not fear.

Adonai we pray for the people who decided to write those hurtful words on the building. Adonai you’ve called us to love our enemies.  Adonai I pray you will pursue their hearts. Adonai where there is hate I boldly ask that you soften hearts and make it flesh. It says in Ezekiel 36:26 -” I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh” Adonai I pray the bomb threats will stop and that the police will be able to track down the accusers. AdonaiI pray for the Jewish community and pray there will be a increase of love not hate. Adonai we lift up all these petitions to you. AMEN


Praying for Quebec City


Heavenly Father,

Lord I pray for the families who impacted by the shooting in Quebec. Lord as prayer warrior, it breaks my heart to learn that while they were praying they were violently killed. Lord it feels like evil is winning but we know through you we are victorious. Lord I pray you will be with each family and ask that you will send them comfort. Lord I pray for Quebec City and ask that you will raise up folks to come along the sides our Muslim brothers and sisters. Lord I pray there will be an increase of love and not hate there. I pray you will send peace and peacemakers to the community. Lord I pray you will give the police and mayor leads on who the gunman are. Lord I pray you will assist in locating them and arresting them.

Lord I pray for The Muslim community is being hit from all sides from deportations, Muslim bans, burning mosque and deadly shootings. Lord I pray you will continue to raise up folks to say WE LOVE YOU and WE SEE YOU to our Muslim neighbors and friends. Lord I pray you will increase a hedge of protection around them. Lord I pray the shooting will not leave members of the mosque fearful to continue to pray. Lord I pray you will fill their heart with courage. Lord I pray you will surround them with your love. I ask all this in the name of Jesus – AMEN