Prayers for Syria

Abba Father,

Chemical attacks – images of children, women and men gasping for air in Syria. It’s been haunting me since I saw the video. Lord I pray you will be with those who have been exposed to the chemicals. Lord I pray you will continue to give strength to the relief and medical workers trying to provide care. Lord I pray you will increase the capacity of their lungs. Lord I pray you will give them wisdom on how they can save people.  Lord I pray you will be with all the workers and citizens who are moving the dead bodies. Lord I pray for survivors who are grieving the loss of more family and friends. Lord I pray you will give them peaceful sleep free of nightmares.

Lord it’s been wave after wave of attacks in Syria. Lord they are living in fear and violence. Lord they have no hope. Lord I pray you will be their comforter. Lord I pray for those who are resettled in different lands that you will be with them as well. Lord it was hard for me to watch, so I can’t imagine how hard it would be for someone to watch their homeland and citizens being destroyed. Lord be their source of hope. Lord please speak directly to their heart. Surround them in your love.

Lord I ask all of this in the name of Jesus – AMEN


Job Hunters

Heavenly Father,

JOB HUNT – Lord a few friends and I are looking for new jobs. We are searching for jobs that match up with our passions and keeps us excited to go to work each day. Lord in the DC area, jobs are extremely competitive which makes it seem like mission impossible to get your ideal job. Lord then we settle for something that is not our dream job but something that pays the bills. Lord I pray you will guide and direct us to the right job. Lord I pray we will only apply for jobs that we see ourselves actually doing. Lord I pray we will not allow fear to write our story. Lord I pray we will remember that you are our providers and you will make a way. Lord I pray we will keeps our eyes on you and not our circumstances.

Lord my friends and I have talents and gifts  in a variety of fields. Lord I pray you direct each of us to jobs that will grow us professionally. Lord I pray we will enter into the process with open hands. Lord I pray we will walk into interviews with boldness and confidence. Lord I pray we will not believe the lies that say we are unworthy and not capable of doing the job. Lord I pray we will see our value and will speak of our skills with assurance that we can do the job. Lord I pray the rejection letters we may receive, Lord I pray we will not take it personal but will keep moving forward with the job search. Continue to guide our steps. I ask all of this in the name of Jesus – AMEN


The Counterfeit

Abba Father,

Lord I come before you right now and ask that you will reveal to my friends when a man is a counterfeit quickly. Another broken heart among us, Lord please restore her heart. Lord there are men who check the box Christian but do not know you. Like the folks you mention in the Matthew 7:23 when you say “Depart from me. I never knew you.” Lord I pray your daughters will see your true character reflected in the life of their suitor. Lord the counterfeit man has learn the art of saying just enough to lead a woman down a dead end path. Lord give your daughters wisdom to see his true intentions quickly and the strength to walk away if he is not your promise for them.

Lord I pray your daughters to recognize when she is pursuing a counterfeit man out of fear of being alone. Lord if a man wants to marry a woman, he will pursue her. If he just wants to play games he will allow her to pursue him. Lord I pray the dream of being married will not cloud her judgement. Lord I pray she will learn to be content in the waiting and not settle for a counterfeit. Lord I pray she will keep a heart of flesh and not of stone in the waiting. Lord I pray she will know her worth and identity in you. Lord I pray she will wait for your timing and your number one choice for her.

Lord I pray for husbands for my friends not just boyfriends. Lord bless them with a true love that will last for generations. Lord bless them with a true love and not a selfish love. I ask all of this in the name of Jesus – AMEN

Press In


Heavenly Father,

PRESS IN – Lord I keep hearing about the need to keep knocking and not giving up. Lord I want to have a breakthrough so I have to press in and not quit. Lord I need to take off my running shoes and kneel before you. Lord I pray I will spend more time at your feet and less time worrying. Lord I pray I will surrender and allow for you to move on my behalf. Lord I pray I will continue to have hope for the promise and not try to manipulate the path to the promise. Lord I pray I will talk less and listen more for your guidance on what to do. Lord as I press in, I seek to hear your whispers of wisdom. Lord I pray I will be so close to your heavenly lips that your breath warms my ear. I ask all of this in Jesus name – AMEN.




Abba Father,

Lord I am crushed in spirit by the news I received today.  I don’t know how to help or how to pray. I want to scream, cry and hide. Lord I don’t want to say those nice cliches or Christian phrases. Lord please filll my heart and with your peace. Lord give my mind a rest from the worry. Lord give me the strength to stand in the storm and not runaway. Lord I pray you will be their comforter and mines as well. Lord I pray for the wisdom and words to speak.  Lord I am speechless. Holy Spirit please intercede for us tonight. We need your hope and faith. I ask all of this in the name of Jesus – AMEN



Abba Father,

Her heart filled with joy as she read the word pregnant on the multiple test she took. He was already dreaming of future Sunday’s where he would teach his child  how to be a football fanatic. Yet when the pain came and she started to bleed she knew it was another miscarriage. Lord please be with her and her husband as they mourn another loss. Lord I pray you will walk with them through the grieving process as they wrestle with the question why can’t we get pregnant. Lord infertility causes such deep wounds, I ask that you send your healing presence to my friends. Lord I pray you will raise up a strong community around them to just love on them. Lord I pray you will help my friends to walk through the anger they have towards  you right now. Lord I pray you will strengthen their marriage as they walk through this tough season yet again. Restore their joy and fill their hearts with hope.

Lord I also want to lift up my other friends who battling infertility too. Lord they are losing hope. Each miscarriage or failed IVF makes me them question your will for their lives. They wonder if their dream of becoming a parent will ever come true. Lord it’s hard for them to hear of other couples getting pregnant so quickly and with what seems to be with such ease. Lord they have been trying for several years and still no child.  Lord I know adoption is a possibility but in their hearts they were dreaming of a child she could give birth to.

Lord in your word, you have blessed barren women with children and I ask that you bless them. Lord I pray you open up her womb and make it fertile Lord. I pray you will you bless them with a child. Lord I pray you perform medical miracles and realign their bodies so they can carry a child to term. Lord bless them all with a child. Lord I boldly ask that this be the year that they become pregnant and carry the child full term. Lord I pray you send them encouragement and hope. Lord I lift up my petition in the name of Jesus – AMEN



Please Unfollow Me


Heavenly Father,

Lord I want the record to show I was minding my own business this morning. LOL. I was doing my morning rituals and checking all my social media accounts and noticed a heartwarming story. It made me proud to be an American at that moment so I shared it. Folks were showing kindness and standing up to racial slur wrote on the Subway. They took it upon themselves to remove the graffiti.  After I forwarded the exciting news to my Facebook friends and withing minutes a hateful comment notification came across phone screen.

Lord up to this point I have been rather quiet to her comments. Trying to take the high road. But Lord something snapped in me and I couldn’t take it anymore.  She wrote – ” Trump is actually standing up for Israel and is friending them, instead of betraying them like we have seen. I don’t see anything that says it is Trump’s people, my guess is it is a Muslim since they HATE Jews. Stop spreading HATE by indicating that every anti-semitic act is that of a Trump supporter. The hate and intolerance isn’t on our side, I can tell you that and I am not going to stand for this propaganda.” 

 LORD ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Lord I will not allow her to hurt my friends with her hate. I  can’t stand by and allow her to say such mean things about the folks I care about. Lord I know we talk about turning the other cheek and not engaging in foolishness but when you come for the people I love then I can’t be silent. I am proud to be friends and in community with Jews, Muslims, LGBTQ, refugees and immigrants. So when I see others defending the people I love then I will celebrate their efforts. I will not sit back and remain quiet to allow hatred to advance.

Lord I know it is rather rude to ask someone to unfollow your news feed but it was the only recourse I could think of without belittling the person. We have been friends for almost two decades yet her new level of hateful words does leave me speechless. Lord I’m struggling with her sentiment that President Trump is a victim to media propaganda and that everyone else is the haters of the world.

Lord I pray you will open up her eyes and ears to see and hear the heartbeat of you. Lord I pray she will stop forwarding hate and will learn to listen to the people from the other side. Lord I pray that she will come to understand that you love the very person she hates. Lord I pray that you will increase her circle to come in contact with the marginalized folks. May she learn their stories of who they are and who you created them to be. Lord may she become a woman of peace and not hate. Lord also give me wisdom on how to handle this type of conflict without suggesting you unfollow me. We can’t grow as people if we keep avoiding each other. We all need to be at the table. I ask that you continue to give me insight on who to walk out loving our neighbors well. I ask all of this in the name of Jesus-AMEN