Prayers for Temple De Hirsch Sinai



I recently heard of the hate crime of vandalism to Temple De Hirsch Sinai in Seattle, WA. The graffiti says “Holocaust is Fake History”. Adonai I pray for the Jewish community in Seattle, Washington right now. Adonai I pray you will guide Rabbi Daniel Weiner on how to encourage his synagogue after experiencing such hate. Adonai I pray for a hedge of protection over him and his family. Holy Spirit I pray you will hover over the synagogue and restore your peace in the hearts of the community. Adonai I pray the synagogue will inhabit your praise and lament prayers. Adonai I pray they will remember that you will never leave them or forsake them.  Adonai give them the strength to forgive and walk into their healing. Adonai – may their hearts be filled with love, joy, peace, hope and not fear.

Adonai we pray for the people who decided to write those hurtful words on the building. Adonai you’ve called us to love our enemies.  Adonai I pray you will pursue their hearts. Adonai where there is hate I boldly ask that you soften hearts and make it flesh. It says in Ezekiel 36:26 -” I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh” Adonai I pray the bomb threats will stop and that the police will be able to track down the accusers. AdonaiI pray for the Jewish community and pray there will be a increase of love not hate. Adonai we lift up all these petitions to you. AMEN


Warning Sign Ahead


Heavenly Father,

Lord thank you for the warning sign ahead to let me know my life is about to take another detour. This journey is definitely keeping me on my toes for sure. I didn’t realize how much I like security and staying grounded.  Lord it is my secret need to be grounded (comfort zone) when you are asking me to fly that is scary. Lord  I know you are walking each step of this journey with me.

Lord for over a year, the verse that has been my rock is BE STILL and know I am God. Lord the verse became my assurance that you would work out the details if I just took another faith. Lord when a road closes you are rerouted to another unfamiliar route. Lord I have not a clue what to do next.  Lord I thank you for the 90 days heads up though. Lord I need your wisdom and guidance. Lord I thank you for your peace and your love. Lord thanks again for the warning sign. Lord I pray all these things in Jesus name – AMEN

Rockstar Mama


Heavenly Father

Lord today I would like to honor all the ROCKSTAR MAMA’s. Lord I pray for the mama’s out there who are sleep deprived, wearing way too many hats and still trying to be present in their children’s lives daily. Parenting is exhausting Lord. Those little people are cute as a button but oh how they can wear you out. Lord I pray you will send them restorative rest Lord. And can you surprise them with a cup of coffee – LOL. Okay maybe that’s how I survive working with little ones.

Lord I pray for the over scheduled families where mama’s are always on the go and never get to just relax. Lord I pray for the families with lots of to navigate homework and school projects that family time keeps getting pushed aside. Lord I pray they will extend grace to themselves. Lord I pray that they will find time in each day to reconnect with their child in small moments.

Lord I pray for the working mama’s who feel the weekends are too short and the work day is too long. Lord juggling both worlds is super hard. Lord I pray you will send strategies and connections so work will not consume their day. Lord I pray for the the working mama’s who have to travel for their job. Lord I pray you will always provide time in the day where she can check in with her family. Lord I pray you will give her time off from work to be there for the big moments.  Lord I pray you will send unexpected early days and extra time off.

Lord I pray they will be able to find time to commune with you everyday. Lord I pray they will find rest in you. Lord I pray they will seek your face for guidance and strength. Lord I pray they contend for their children in prayer and cover their families. Lord I pray you will bless them and give them favor. Lord I pray they will keep it real with you about how they are really doing with all that is going on in their life.  Lord I pray they will trust you with the little things. Lord I pray they will continue to honor you with “THANK YOU prayers” throughout the day when they see your hand moving on their behalf.

Lord as woman you have designed us to be caretakers yet we struggle with taking care of ourselves so Lord I lift up those weary mama’s who don’t feel like a rockstar. They are at their wits end and just need a supernatural hug from you and maybe some chocolate – LOL. Lord I lift all the ROCKSTAR MAMA’s and ask that you bless them. Thank you advance for all the love letters you are sending their ways. I ask all of this with a grateful heart – in Jesus name – AMEN!

Cancer Sucks Lord


Abba Father,

I just learned of another friend being diagnosis with cancer. This is the third time she is fighting cancer Lord and I have to be honest that WHY question keeps circling my head. She dreams of a family and being a mother yet now has to put the adoption process on hold once again. Lord as someone who yearns to be a mama my heart is breaking for her dream being deferred once again.

Lord she is trying to keep hope alive but you can see the fear in her eyes and helplessness in her voice. Lord I come before you right now and ask that you be with my friend. I pray you will send her your peace Lord. I pray for her husband, family and friends who do not know what to say. Lord I pray all of us will continue to love on her through this next journey. Lord HEAL HER and rid her of cancer once and for all.

Lord I also want to pray for a group of us who just put to rest a dear friend who lost the battle with cancer. Lord she was so young and many of her friends and family members are furious with you for bringing her home too soon. Lord I know you are sovereign and there is a reason for everything. I just want to go on record saying CANCER SUCKS LORD and I hate seeing so many of my friends battling it.

Lord please send more of your peace into the lives of those who are facing cancer. Lord I pray for more wisdom to be given to the doctors treating patients with cancer. I pray for the families who are watching their love ones battle another round of chemo or radiation treatment. I pray for an increase in remission rates and complete healing Lord. Lord may you be our comforter through this process.

We boldly ask all of this in the name of Jesus.  AMEN