Prayer for DC Missing Children

Abba Father,

More and more children are coming up missing in the DC area. Lord it grieves my heart for the families and our community. Lord the horror of being taken from all that you know by evil people. Lord comfort their hearts and bring them home. Lord give the police officers wisdom on where to locate each child. Lord comfort the parents and family members who grappling with this nightmare. Lord I pray each child will be found. Lord I pray it will be a speedy process. Lord I pray for the children who have been taken over several state lines, I pray Lord for each child’s freedom.  Lord I ask that you will intervene to assist the police in finding the children. Lord there is a trend of missing children are sold into sex trafficking. Lord I boldly ask that you change the heart of the perpetrator to free the children. Lord I pray for healing over the trauma the children are experiencing. Lord we lift up this lament prayer in the name of Jesus – AMEN


Be a Life Vest


Abba Father,

Lord please bless all the encouragers today. Lord I pray you bless the person who loves to send notes. Lord I pray you bless the person who likes to give creative gifts to brighten someones day. Lord I pray for the person who sends a prayer to remind a person that they are never alone and that you are always with them. Lord I pray for the person who sees a sad friend or co-worker and ask if she can give them a hug or pray for them. Lord I pray for the person who prays blessings over someone who keeps coming to their mind. Lord all these folks are on an adventure with the Holy Spirit to spread your love. Lord may you continue to bless those doing kingdom work.

Lord please give your encouragers strength to continue to make a difference in a hurting word. Lord show them how their words of encouragement often feels like a life vest covering our hearts and lifting us up out of a funk. Lord send them confirmation that their words matter to the people who receive them. Lord rather it’s a thank you note, text message or phone call can you send encouragement to them so they keep showering their family, friends, neighborhoods, our nation and our world with love. Lord I thank you for the warriors who seek to speak life over people.  Lord continue to bless them.  I ask all of this in Jesus name – AMEN

Press In


Heavenly Father,

PRESS IN – Lord I keep hearing about the need to keep knocking and not giving up. Lord I want to have a breakthrough so I have to press in and not quit. Lord I need to take off my running shoes and kneel before you. Lord I pray I will spend more time at your feet and less time worrying. Lord I pray I will surrender and allow for you to move on my behalf. Lord I pray I will continue to have hope for the promise and not try to manipulate the path to the promise. Lord I pray I will talk less and listen more for your guidance on what to do. Lord as I press in, I seek to hear your whispers of wisdom. Lord I pray I will be so close to your heavenly lips that your breath warms my ear. I ask all of this in Jesus name – AMEN.


A Blessing for Welcoming


Last night I attended the National Day of Jewish Action for Refugees and received “A Blessing for Welcoming.”  Take a moment and read the blessing –

B’racha b’ma’asel yadeinu u’divrel sefateinu

Bless the work of our hands and the words of our lips,

Holy One of Blessing.

May we be strengthened in our resolve to speak out

On behalf of the 65 million people across the globe

Still in search of a place to call home.

May we open our hearts to welcome those seeking refuge

From violence and persecution.

May we find the courage to act not on our fears

But on our hope for a world

In which all people can live in safety and with dignity

Talichehem I’shalom

Guide them in peace

May those who travel by boat, on foot,

In over-packed vans, clinging to railway cars

Be protected on their journey from oppression to freedom

Shame’a tefilateinu

Hear our prayer and guide us

So that we may guide them in peace

Yehi ratzon milfanecha Adonai

May it be Your will, Adonai, and may it also be ours

Praying Circle


Heavenly Father,

Lord tomorrow is her wedding day. YAY! Soon she will be married and will begin a new journey but tonight we have committed to circling her in prayer. Lord we thank you for making their paths cross. Lord their love story is incredible for you have been the author of their love story. Lord thank you for honoring your lady in waiting by giving her hand in the marriage to her soulmate. Lord we pray you will knit their hearts together. Lord we pray you will help them to remember the vows they say to each other on the good days, bad days, and the very painful days. Lord we believe that with YOU as the anchor their marriage will weather any storm.

Lord may you continue to be the foundation by which build their home together.  Lord we pray they will find time to read your scriptures and pray together. May they continue to learn how to edify and support each other. Lord we pray they will not go to sleep angry but they will learn how to resolve conflict without holding a grudge. Lord we pray on those intense days, they will both spend time seeking your wisdom and asking the Holy Spirit to give them ears to hear.  Lord we pray they will leave a spiritual legacy for their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Lord we pray they will speak life over each other. Lord we pray they will honor each other with their words and deeds. Lord we are honored to be present for the wedding and circling them in prayer. We ask all of this in the name of Jesus – AMEN

Pray in the Fight


Heavenly Father

The lyrics from When The Fight Calls by Hillsong Young & Free  has been on repeat in my mind this week. The line “Pray in the fight and watch it turn” gives my heart such hope. Talk about the perfect song for this season in my life. Lord I pray you will continue to sustain us to pray into the fight. Lord I pray you will continue to give us eyes to see and ears to hear of the injustices. Lord I pray you will give us courage to step into the ring and make a difference. Lord I pray you will continue to raise up leaders who will speak up and defend out constitution. Lord I pray you will continue to give encouragement to all those involved in the fight.

Lord I pray you will continue to awaken the prayer warriors and watchmen who are being called to cover a city, neighborhood, state or a large region of territory. Lord I pray they will seek your wisdom and will walk out in faith even when others are not brave enough to do it. Lord I pray you will continue to bless and show favor to the law makers and judges who have took a stand against the Muslim ban and refugees. Lord I pray you will continue to shine light on the circumstances and give us wisdom. Lord I pray we will continue to pray in the fight and watch it turn. I ask all of this in Jesus name – AMEN

Jesus is a Hugger


Lord Jesus,

Thank you for being a hugger even though I’m not. Lord thank you for stretching me and growing me in this area. Lord it is such a part of the Christian community to greet each other with hugs. Lord  I thank you for those moments when I’ve been praying with someone and I ask can I give you a hug? The words always shock me when they come out of my mouth but then I say in my mind “Jesus is a Hugger”.  For the person receiving the hug, it is such a tender moment between our souls. Jesus thank you showing me when a hug is necessary.

Lord, thank you for teaching us how a hug can brighten a person’s day and make them feel connected to the world. Lord thank you for those moments when words of encouragement come to mind that also require a hug. Lord it is such a breath taking moment to whisper your loving words in their ear. Lord thank you for the privilege to remind others that they are loved and seen by you. Lord thank you for those deep bear hugs while someone is crying out and sobbing to you. Lord in that moment it feels like you came down from heaven to give me a hug.

Holy Spirit thank you for prompting me to ask can I give you a hug? Lord there is healing in touching someone and letting them know you care. Holy Spirit thank you for speaking through me to directly touch their heart. Lord continue to make me feel uncomfortable so the other person can feel the loving arms of Christ. Lord I pray for those who need a hug today that you will honor them with a Jesus bear hug. Lord thank you for loving us and holding us even in those yucky moments. Holy Spirit thank you for those spiritual hugs when no one is there to physically give me a hug. I can feel your presence and it feels my heart with such adoration. Lord continue to transform us to be more like you and less like the world. I ask all of this in the name of Jesus – AMEN