Prayer for DC Missing Children

Abba Father,

More and more children are coming up missing in the DC area. Lord it grieves my heart for the families and our community. Lord the horror of being taken from all that you know by evil people. Lord comfort their hearts and bring them home. Lord give the police officers wisdom on where to locate each child. Lord comfort the parents and family members who grappling with this nightmare. Lord I pray each child will be found. Lord I pray it will be a speedy process. Lord I pray for the children who have been taken over several state lines, I pray Lord for each child’s freedom. ┬áLord I ask that you will intervene to assist the police in finding the children. Lord there is a trend of missing children are sold into sex trafficking. Lord I boldly ask that you change the heart of the perpetrator to free the children. Lord I pray for healing over the trauma the children are experiencing. Lord we lift up this lament prayer in the name of Jesus – AMEN