The Counterfeit

Abba Father,

Lord I come before you right now and ask that you will reveal to my friends when a man is a counterfeit quickly. Another broken heart among us, Lord please restore her heart. Lord there are men who check the box Christian but do not know you. Like the folks you mention in the Matthew 7:23 when you say “Depart from me. I never knew you.” Lord I pray your daughters will see your true character reflected in the life of their suitor. Lord the counterfeit man has learn the art of saying just enough to lead a woman down a dead end path. Lord give your daughters wisdom to see his true intentions quickly and the strength to walk away if he is not your promise for them.

Lord I pray your daughters to recognize when she is pursuing a counterfeit man out of fear of being alone. Lord if a man wants to marry a woman, he will pursue her. If he just wants to play games he will allow her to pursue him. Lord I pray the dream of being married will not cloud her judgement. Lord I pray she will learn to be content in the waiting and not settle for a counterfeit. Lord I pray she will keep a heart of flesh and not of stone in the waiting. Lord I pray she will know her worth and identity in you. Lord I pray she will wait for your timing and your number one choice for her.

Lord I pray for husbands for my friends not just boyfriends. Lord bless them with a true love that will last for generations. Lord bless them with a true love and not a selfish love. I ask all of this in the name of Jesus – AMEN


Coffee Date with Jesus

Coffee Date

My quiet time with God often feels like we’re on a comfy couch together sharing a cup of coffee. I love my alone time with Jesus. And like a true friend, God often challenges me to do things I would rather opt out of. And sharing my love story is one of those adventures I wanted to pass on. LOL.

God: It’s time to share your story. 

Me: Ummmm, don’t you think it would make a better love story if I’m already engaged or married to Mr. Darcy? Then I will be able to validate that my love story came true. Right now I’m still in the waiting period, Lord

God: Share your story. There are women who need to know that waiting for their Mr. Wonderful is hard but it is so worth the wait.

Me: Ummmm, can I have sometime to think about it? Cause this feels like you are taking me into the deep ocean, pushing me out of the boat and saying now swim.

Just keeping it real Jesus.

I’m freaking out a little here.  You’re calling me to be really vulnerable Lord. And I’m not to sure if I want to put all my business out in the streets.

Not my will but Yours be done. Can we talk about it at Allume? Cause right now I want to scream NO, but I also want to walk in obedience.

God: Still want you to share your testimony but I will wait. 

Like any girl who is freaking out about what God is calling her to do, I shared my prayer request with my tribe. I asked that I would have ears to hear and that would take the step of faith if need be. I also asked that God would give me the name for the new blog and the courage to write again.

And then it happen, I was sitting at an Allume workshop and the Holy Spirit whispered in my ear call it Marveled by His Love.

Really? Surely that name has to be gone by now. I did a google search and nothing came up. The domain name was still available.

CONFIRMATION it was time to take a leap of faith.

Shaking in my boots, I secured the domain name Marveled by His Love.

Then God sent me a few divine appointments throughout the day where I had to share the new adventures with my tribe. I explained how I love how marveled means astonishment. It was the perfect word to describe how I feel about God’s love for me and the beautiful love letters He sends me. It was the perfect title for my love story.

But the hardest moment came when I admitted to a room filled with married women how hard it is to be single and waiting to be married. How hard it is to go through certain holidays and be reminded that you are yet again alone. How difficult it is not to lose hope in the process.

Fighting back the tears, I said I understand the pain the single women are going through. I understand what it feels like to be brokenhearted and believe that your destined to never love again. I just want to encourage single women not to let go of God’s hand through it all. I want them to know that walking away from God is not worth it and that your greatest love story starts with God.

In that moment, Marveled by His Love was birthed.

Safe Space

It’s my hope that this space will be  a safe haven for women to be encouraged in the waiting period. A place where we can pray together and do life together. A place where we encourage each other to fall deeply and madly in love with God.

Before we say our goodbye for the day, I would like to lift up a quick prayer over us-

Oh Heaven Father, 

Thank you for the courage to share my story and my voice. Thank you that you love each person reading this blog post today. Thank you that you see them and delight in them. Thank you that you are the best matchmaker known to man. Thank you that you bring together people who will last a lifetime together.

Lord we are trusting and believing that you are the author of our love stories. We ask that you give us the strength and the courage to wait on your timing even if all of friends are already married with children. We pray that we will not try to manipulate circumstances on guys we have a crush to make them appear to be our Mr. Wonderful. We pray that we will not become desperate in the waiting and settle  for less than God’s best for our love story. We ask that you bless this space as we begin to build a community here. 

We ask all of this in your son Jesus precious name -AMEN
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Photo Credit: Ani-Bee via Compfight cc